Hayley’s EXTRA STRONG Balm – 120 gram

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Hayley’s EXTRA STRONG Balm is a dense combination of simple natural ingredients designed to convey the beneficial characteristics of Eremophila to your skin.

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Ingredients: Eremophila alternifolia, olive oil, beeswax
Quantity: 120 grams


Hayley’s EXTRA STRONG Balm is a dense combination of simple natural ingredients designed to convey the beneficial characteristics of Eremophila to your skin. It has a smooth thick texture which is readily rubbed in, and a smell reminiscent of pungent Eucalyptus often referred to as the smell of the ‘Australian bush’.

We strengthen the formulation by adding extra essential oil of Eremophila. Grown chemical-free onfarm, Eremophila alternifolia is the absolute star in the ingredient list.

Eremophila alternifolia – a traditional Australian healing botanical that’s reported to possess antiseptic and anesthetic qualities to help heal and soothe skin conditions and common problems. It has been used for centuries by Indigenous Australians and is prized for its medicinal qualities.

Known as the #1 Bush Medicine plant and one of the only historically reported to have been dried and carried for future use, Eremophila has been used to relieve many common ailments including:

• Muscular aches and pains and inflammation
• Sunburn
• Bites and stings
• Rashes
• Rosacea
• Arthritis
• Headaches
• Growing pains
• Cracked heels
• Dry skin conditions
• Cold and chest infections – use as a chest rub
• Eczema
• Sore hands from blisters or prickles
• Soothes, smooths, and nourishes aging and sun-damaged skin

You name it, our family puts balm on it. For over a decade we have noticed and enjoyed the healing without the stinging and almost instant soothing of a huge range of conditions. I am constantly amazed as people who use my balm add their own experiences of healing and effectiveness for their varied conditions to the list. Eremophila is a truly wonderful plant.


Olive Oil – known to moisturize and hydrate your skin, and has many vitamins, including A, D, and K, as well as vitamin E. Olive oil is also an antioxidant, so it might help prevent or reverse damage from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation.
Beeswax– heals and softens the skin, and is an antibacterial agent.


No added anything … that’s how we do it here at Native Aussie Pharma!

Sometimes it’s what you leave out that matters most.

100% natural. 100% Australian.




Last December we bought your balm…It’s a fantastic product and my skin problem disappeared.
I live in the Netherlands and can not find this wonderful product anywhere
The main problem with my skin is a kind of rosacea caused as a side effect of using medication. I had that feeling that my face was on fire 24/7 and had a lot of rash, very painful but it totally disappeared within a couple of weeks while I used your balm. First I thought it was a combination of the balm and the Australian air but back home I continued using the balm and my skin condition kept on improving.Xander Prooi – Netherlands


This balm is absolutely unreal..my Aunty tripped and fell on her knee.. She’s tried everything including pain killers.. I bought her a jar, for Christmas.. She said it worked quickly and pain free..

Marie Hamilton


Worked so well for Tilly’s skin infection.

Kath Bald


Hi Hayley I am so pleased with the balm so far. I have a seborrheic keratoses on my face and I have been using the balm and it has reduced it dramatically.

Julie Brodie


Got this, and have been using it for a couple of weeks now – it is great!!

Maryanne Mozer


Highly Rated I have been using a balm (and soap) from Hayley Nicholls for over a year now that I call my magic cream. I use it after being in the sun and I don’t burn and peel like I always do and I also use it for cuts, bites, etc. Bought a jar of balm for my daughter recently (who has had a ongoing chesty cough) and she just sent me this text – I had to BEEP out a couple of words as she was very excited it worked so well haha.

“Used that magic cream stuff all over my neck and chest last night to try and see how magic it really is and if it’d help my cough. Holy (beep, beep), I can’t even feel any phlegm stuck in my chest anymore I swear!! Even Ava before was like you’re not coughing anymore mummy? Are you feeling better?”

Di Bradshaw


Best magic cream ever!!

Melita Sandall


I too can vouch for these products – beautiful balm ….

Fay McNeice


Only stuff Robert will use, & without any prompting from me lol. You know what these farm guys are like, zero interest in anything unless it works. I often catch him putting it on, apparently he’s stoked with the results he’s seen with it so good to know there’s somewhere providing easy supply. She’s good gear

Shanna M Pedler


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