Dried Loose Eremophila alternifolia leaf

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Expertly handpicked and graded Eremophila alternifolia leaves (dried).

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Ingredients: 100% Eremophila alternifolia
Quantity: 15 grams


Eremophila has antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

The tea made from Eremophila alternifolia is known to be a soporific and has been traditionally used to promote ‘restful’ sleep. It may also have been used to boost the body’s immune system in the event of cancer or other illness.

Expertly handpicked and graded to ensure only the best quality leaves and tips containing the highest concentration of beneficial oils.
Picked, cool-dried with no sun exposure, and packed onsite at ‘Sunshine’ Farm, Ceduna SA.

Packed in a reusable recyclable aluminium tin.


To make tea: steep a level teaspoon (small pinch) of leaves in a cup full of boiling water for 5-10 minutes, the longer you leave, the stronger the brew. For sleeplessness take one cup before bed, for general health or immune-boosting functions take one cup in the morning and one in the evening. The leaves can be reused several times before discarding.
I have personally found the tea to be a marvelous mouth antiseptic for sore gums, teeth and throat conditions and dental extractions. I leave the leaves in the water for extra strength and when cool use the tea as a mouthwash and throat gargle. (when the kids were young I loved knowing that they could ‘accidentally’ swallow the gargle, for even more benefits, when they had trouble spitting).

Eremophila has a distinctive smell and taste that is sometimes likened to Eucalyptus and the smell of the Australian bush. It is not bitter.


100% natural. 100% Australian.


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