Eremophila Farmer Hayley Nicholls

Australian Native Medicinal Bush Farmer, Hayley Nicholls.

Welcome to my world, I am Hayley. I grow native Australian medicinal plants on our farm on the Far West Coast of South Australia, situated at the eastern end of the great Nullarbor Plain.
I specialise in planting endemic flora species of medicinal value in the interests of preserving and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. It’s about sustainability! Our semi-arid country is an area where these amazing plants grow naturally, but where I’ve chosen to plant more for my production purposes rather than take product from the wild. My aim is to increase the biodiversity and sustainability of both our farm and this great country, and increase native habitat for wildlife. These are the long term benefits of producing a product which uses only natural ingredients and native flora. Of course the benefit to my family and my customers is the incredible health benefits provided by the bush.
I create and manufacture Eremophila essential oil and body products on our family farm, where a business has grown quite naturally over the last ten years out of my love for the bush and the benefits reported by those who try my products. It has been their feedback and recommendations of my ‘all-natural’ creations that has brought me to where I am today, producing product for customers beyond my close family and friends, and now sharing the extraordinary benefits of this amazing plant with consumers all over Australia, and for that I am so grateful.









My story !

In 2006 my husband Michael and I purchased a block of land to add to our existing farm, included in that block was 3800 acres of pristine natural mallee scrubland. While exploring the scrub one day during a BBQ, a knowledgeable friend showed me the Eremophila alternifolia bushes growing there and identified them as a bush medicine plant. Having used bush medicine regularly prior to that I thought I would investigate further and attempt to make my own. That was the beginning of my love affair with Australian native medicinal plants and their uses.

I have spent many hours seeking information, researching their properties, and reading and discussing anecdotal evidence of their capabilities. I am also a passionate advocate of natural products and prefer to make my own remedies for our family of five to guarantee the absence of pollutants in the products. Skin absorbs everything so it is only common sense to use skin products that are edible and good for you.

As my daughter River grew up she wanted to use pretty smelling products, so together we developed a ‘pretty’ range of skincare and a natural cleanser, all with the healing power of Eremophila and using organic oils. We are in the process of getting these ready to offer to the public soon.

The soap I had initially created for Michael. Being a farmer his skin is exposed to a lot of potentially damaging elements, especially his arms. He had developed an itchy dry skin condition and we thought that it may be the soaps that he was using that were irritating his skin (and yes he definitely needs to use soap). After trying all sorts of natural soaps his condition was no better so I taught myself to make castile soap and infused Eremophila into it for its soothing, healing properties. It worked… and earned the right to be in my range.

As the years went by our family came to depend on the balm for just about every ailment, and naturally, I started dishing it out to family and friends to help with their ailments too. I realized that Eremophila is an amazing natural resource for the world, yet a relatively rare plant to find in the bush, and not very accessible to most. That’s when I decided to share it with Australia, to help relieve some common skin conditions that people suffer, with a natural product rather than steroids or other manufactured nasties.

Over the last ten years I have been quietly providing Eremophila products Australia-wide by ‘word of mouth’. The feedback I get constantly amazes me as people use my products on their various problems and share their results with me, often referring their friends who are also looking for relief. I am now totally convinced that Eremophila is an amazing plant with amazing healing properties and have gone a step further in planting a grove of bush on our farm to use for making the products. I now also use steam distillation of the bush to make a pure essential oil which I use to add an extra boost to all products (which is why the name is Hayley’s EXTRA STRONG Balm).

The time has come for a dedicated website with an online shop to help me manage demand and make the purchase and distribution process easier for everyone. This will allow me more time to tend the bushes and craft the products I love from scratch. All Eremophila used in our products is grown onsite and all products made onsite at ‘Sunshine Farm’ Ceduna, South Australia.

100% Natural.    100% Australian.

From our farm to you…we wish you good health.


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