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Native Aussie Pharma specialises in growing the Australian medicinal plant Eremophila alternifolia and producing a selection of EXTRA STRONG, premium, natural, handmade products created for your health.

Ignite your inner spirit with Australian Native Botanicals.


Celebrating 10 Years Of Providing Natural Healing Relief To Australia

Hayley's EXTRA STRONG Balm

Eremophila alternifolia is a traditional Australian healing botanical that’s reported to possess antiseptic and anesthetic qualities to help heal and soothe skin conditions and common problems.

100% natural. 100% Australian.

Known as the #1 Bush Medicine plant, Eremophila has been used to relieve many common ailments including:

Irmangka Irmangka
• Sunburn
• Bites and stings
• Rashes
• Rosacea
• Eczema
• Cracked heels
• Arthritis  
• Headaches
• Growing pains
• Inflammation
• Dry skin conditions
• Cold and chest infections
• Muscular aches and pains
• Emollient for dry skin
• Nourishing aged skin


Best Selling Products

Native Aussie Pharma Soap

Eremophila Soaps

Cleanse, soothe, and care for your skin, naturally, with the native Australian therapies of Eremophila alternifolia in a luscious soap.

by Native Aussie Pharma.

Natural Eremophila Leaves

Dried Eremophila

All-natural, premium Eremophila alternifolia leaves, individually hand-picked, dried, and packaged on-farm ready to ship to you.

by Native Aussie Pharma.

Hayley's Extra Strong Balm

Eremophila  Balms

Discover your own benefits of this popular Australian remedy prepared on-farm from Eremophila alternifolia, olive oil, beeswax, and nothing else! 

by Native Aussie Pharma.

Flat Rate Shipping $10 Australia Wide!

Unique blend of powerful healing botanicals!


Customer Reviews

We have used probably 20 different oils, creams, medicines & yours is the only one that has worked on my son’s very cracked feet & hands.

Angela Nason

Hayley's Extra Strong Balm

Best magic cream ever!! 




Melita Sandall


I am so pleased with the balm so far. I have a seborrheic keratosis on my face and I have been using the balm and it has reduced it dramatically.

Julie Brodie

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